Disaster Recovery Solutions

Site outages can have many causes, including natural disasters, hacker attacks, and application infrastructure failures. No matter what the cause, outages can lead to decreased productivity, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Organizations need an intelligent way to manage and monitor the health of data centers and the applications they host. Gatelink provides the industry's most comprehensive solution for site failover and business continuity. With it you can perform comprehensive site availability checks, and define the conditions for shifting all traffic to a backup data center, failing over their entire site, or controlling only affected applications.


Gatelink Support services is a robust and flexible global support team with extensive field-proven expertise, enabling to deliver high-value , content, and applications over various networks with carrier-class performance and reliability.

Gatelink has custom web-based applications to maximize efficiency and performance in service delivery. We continually update proprietary help desk applications for supporting customers on all levels of Internet connectivity. End user support services consist of various levels of technical support which covers all major platforms, major operating systems and most popular Internet software.

Performing critical instalations in remote locations is a task that we perform to the highest caliber to satisfy the needs of our customers. Teams working in remote locations such as Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, and all Major countries to provide all telecommunication services needed such as GSM Backhauling, Microwave Connectivity, MPLS Networks, VSat Connectivity, and any Solution required by our partners and customers.

Our knowledge with C, C+, Ka, and Ku Band Satelites provides our customers with the tool necssary to setup all types of satellite services. Gatelink Support is dedicated to provide you with 24/7 knowledgeable, responsive, expert assistance to help you by providing elevation, azimuth and skew needed for pointing a dish at nearly any satellite.Attaining the proper look angle for a satellite is crucial for Vsat solution, and the team is able to tackle all the scenarios to achieve the highest quality connectivity with the satellite.

Commitment to providing excellent, proactive IT services means that you will receive first-class IT support from a company that is knowledgeable ,capable and flexible - whether you need to support your existing IT Team through our consultancy service or as your complete IT Support and Service Solution in broadband services.

Professional, well trained, highly motivated and extremely experienced individuals are at the core of Concise IT's mission to serve you for network solutions. Providing support in configuring various telecom wireless and wired devices such as: new installations, troubleshooting, relocations, and full SLA services for all sites.