Turnkey Solutions

Voice Gateways

Connecting several International Voice Gateways and successfully operating them for the past 6 years. Fiber gateways and VSat IGWs as per the need of our GSM Operatoring Partners. We expand our services for full operations and maintenance of a our client's IGWs as Gatelink has its own Voice Switch and can route Voice traffic to any part of the world using premium routes or transit routes.

Zain, Atheer [Karbala]
Successfully installed IRAQ- Karbala Voice Gateway and maintained more than five years

Mobitel, Sudan [Zain, Sudan]
Successfully installed SUDAN-voice gateway and maintained successfully for more than five years

Zain, Bahrain
VSAT gateway installed and successfully maintained for four years

Zain, Atheer [Baghdad]
Implemented Carrier-in-Carrier technology for the IRAQ Voice gateway connectivity to London Teleport using ARABSAT/Comtech EFDATA combination successfully and maintaining the end -to-end services using VERAZ DCME systems.

Sulmaniya, Iraq
Voice gateway project successfully installed and maintained for GSM Provider